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Plastic Rod Used as a Contraceptive Fails as Hundreds Become Pregnant by TW

The contraceptive jab, Implanon is a small 4cm rod made of plastic that is implanted on the under arm of a woman. The rod releases synthetic progesterone which prevents the release of eggs and is supposed to provide contraception for up to three years.

A total of 584 women who had the hormone-filled rod inserted in their arms have reported unwanted pregnancies. Others have reported that the implant had been improperly inserted, which left them injured or scarred.

So far compensation amounting…

Die-Hard Fan Gets Her Back Inked With Twilight Portrait by TW

49 year old Cathy Ward, spent 22 hours and $3,000 getting her back completely covered in a Twilight inspired tattoo portrait.

The twilight-crazed fan said she did it to show her appreciation for helping her lose weight. Apparently, Cathy's interest in the vampire saga kept her from her other
; eating. This helped her shed 14 dress sizes in just six months. After watching the first, movie, Cathy was hooked and immediately bought all the books and DVDs.

While her current twilight indulgences…