1. A collection of interesting viral videos, news and reviews about anything and everything.
  2. A constant supply of information that aims to incite interest and discussion.
  3. The sharing of common interest and ideas to instil creativity and inspirations.
  1. The act of supplying or sharing information and ideas to incite interest and discussion.
    - I am yayfeeding this article to my friends.
  2. The act of seeking opinions about dilemmas
    - Why don't you yayfeed it and see what others think?
  1. A person who shares information and interesting articles to everyone in the community.
  2. A knowledgeable person who knows what is happening
  1. Something said to be true or supposed to have happened about Yayfeeds
  2. something that actually exists; reality; truth about Yayfeeds
late 2010; see "yay" and "feed"

viral videos, interesting news, reviews, opinions, discussions, ideas, inspirations, epic

boredom, plain, uninteresting, mundane, history

Yayfeeds is your daily source to the most interesting videos, news and reviews on just about anything and everything. It is also platform for you to share your thoughts and articles you deem to be interesting. More importantly, Yayfeeds is a place where YOU, decide what stays on the site and what goes.

Home Feeds” is your endless supply of interesting occurrences and events from around the world and maybe even some beyond our little 3rd Rock.

Community Feeds” is a place for you, yes YOU, to post anything you think is worth sharing with other readers, from videos to pictures it’s totally up to you (However if your content is explict in anyway, do apply the NSFW filter - Lets do our part to keep the younger generation as innoccent as possible ).

Don’t forget, you decide what stays on the site and what goes. Like a post? Vote for it to remain on the site via the YAY button or use the NAY button if you don’t.

Yay Deals is the newest edition to the Yayfeeds family. Love a good bargain? Or just simply love shopping online? Then this is the area for you. We, at Yayfeeds scour the web in order to bring you interesting, cool and awesome deals! Everything from the newest software and games to socks and shoes, we will have something that interests you. So stay tuned as we strive to bring you the best deals on the web.

Just like other sections on Yayfeeds, if you do not like a deal, simply Nay it and when it reaches 100 Nays, we'll remove it.