Welcome to Yayfeeds
Yayfeeds is a website created by for you. Here at Yayfeeds, we are passionate about giving you the best possible web experience as such, the website is designed around you, our valued users. Read further to find out how Yayfeeds makes your internet surfing more a more wholesome experience. Yayfeeds will always strive to provide easy access to news and information from around the globe. In addition to that, Yayfeeds' "Community Feeds" aims to promote a knowledge-sharing community where all users can gain invaluable insight from one another.
How do I use this site?
Basically, Yayfeeds uses a two pronged approach. The "Home Feeds" area keeps you constantly updated and informed on the latest and most intriguing content from around the world.

Yayfeeds not only provides you with information and content but also allows you to try your hand sharing interesting content. It can be of any nature as long as it remains family-friendly.

This is where the "Community Feeds" area comes in. It presents a platform where you, the registered user, can post anything you want. Seriously, ANYTHING (non R-Rated). "Community Feeds" also serves as a medium where you can get reviews or opinions on products and services you may be considering. You can also give your two-cents to other Yayfeeders. The "YAY" or "NAY" buttons found on every post, further supports this functionality as it operates like a poll – this makes it easier for you to make an informed decision.
How do I get started?
Firstly, you will need to register an account with Yayfeeds to completely enjoy everything that we have to offer.

Step 1: Access the "Register" Button found below the quick feed bar.

Step 2: Enter your personal details and you are good to go. It's that easy!
How do I give or get opinions from or to others?
It's really simple: Access "Community Feeds" with your registered Yayfeeds account and post away.
How do I Yayfeed something?
Step 1: Select "New Feed" from the menu at the top (Login required).

Step 2: This will take you to the general posting area, where you can add in the title of your Yayfeed, the content and please remember to list your source if the material is not your original work.

Description for the New Feed:

Tags: Select the tags that best categorises your feed. Select more than one, or none at all. This helps others to find your feed easier.

Title: This is the title for your new post!

Contents: The text/content for your new post will appear here. You can add a video link (Currently supports Youtube, Vimeo and Metacafe) to your new post, without any html taggings. The text of your new post will appear below the video link, if any.

Source: This is the source of your Yayfeed. Use this if you're not the owner of the source!
How do I add a video or photo to my Yayfeed?
Step 1: If you want to post a video, simply paste the link directly into the content box, before your text.

Supported video sites examples:

Step 1a: If you want attach photos to your Yayfeed; complete your entry and Yayfeed it! This will then take you to the photo section where you will be able to upload by clicking "Upload Images" and select multiple images from your computer. Alternatively you can also drag the images from your computer to the "Upload Images" button to upload.
What are restricted feeds?
Restricted feeds are feeds that contain materials inappropriate for young viewers. In order to view them, users have to register and login to change their preference under the settings.

Yayfeeds takes content censorship very seriously in order to protect our young viewers. We hope you understand our gesture and we apologise for any inconvinence caused.
What to do when I see content that is offensive, abusive or just simply doesn't belong?
Here at Yayfeeds, we strive to keep the community as friendly and welcoming as possible. However, we cannot control the actions of a few, dare I say it, annoying users. Hence, if you encounter any such behavior, please report them to us using the "Report Post" or "Report Comment" function at the side of every post and comment, and we promise to have the matter settled as soon as possible.